Monday, December 20, 2010

Anything worth doing... is worth doing a thousand times?

I think I'm in the home stretch now. I can't really say for sure, because unexpected hurdles keep popping up. It's like I'm in an Indiana Jones movie, trying to escape from a cave with a rolling boulder.

For two weeks I've been going through the process of creating cover art and then formatting it to different specifications for different outlets. Same with the manuscript. Aside from the initial editing, I've had to change the complete layout -page by page in some cases- at least four times. Fonts that work well in text don't look that great in .PDF, and neither will work for a print edition. Digital and print editions have completely different layouts, and they also get separate covers.

Plus, there's the promotion...

I'm working on a number of things towards that end, which all require a little more energy and time than I seem to actually have. Interviews, questionnaires, guest blogs, ad campaigns, banners... you get the idea?

The first unexpected and rather rude awakening came from Smashwords. I uploaded my manuscript there first because they have a vetting process that can take several weeks before my book becomes available. Some of the transposition is automated, so it's important to review the different versions and try to make sure there aren't any formatting errors and whatnot. To my surprise, the Smashwords version became available almost immediately. So, at least a week before my expected release, Karma Crossed became publicly available. And within an hour, it sold a copy. And by the next morning, sold another.

Yikes.I still had editing to do people. Crap.

Amazon played similar tricks on me. Oh, the tricks they play. It seems like you never know exactly what it'll cost or where it'll go. There's always another hurdle, some other step you have to complete. I've barely begun work on this blog, I've done nothing for my Amazon page or (gulp) Facebook. (Really? I have to have a Facebook page too? YES, the publishing gods command. IT'S THE RULE!)

Okay. So, yeah, it's out there. And not in the tidy, well-prepared manner that I had been planning. No, it's more a like a train wreck. In slow motion. The best kind, right?


  1. Yep, that's it - you take me back to when I was formatting for Lightning Source, Smashwords and Kindle simultaneously. Not a good idea. Some things take longer than you think, others much less.

    But don't worry, it'll work out :o) Best of luck, Jeramy.

  2. Yes, I wish Smashwords let you preview all the files before they actually considered your work published! I posted my first ebooks this month and am learning the ropes too. ;) Good luck!