Friday, January 28, 2011

The Darkling Wind is LIVE!!!!

And it got over 30 downloads in the first two hours! Coincidentally, that's how long it took me to fix the obvious formatting issues with the first upload and submit the corrections. (Actually most of that time was the very long conversion process over at Smashwords, which is completely out of my control.)

So I'm bummed that a few people downloaded a bad version. I think they can probably delete it and download again. Or, if necessary, they can contact me for a replacement version. Either way, I hope everyone is happy with the story. Yeah, I know it's free, but I still want it to be as good as it can be. And to be honest, Darkling Wind is one of my favorites. It's got that fairytale mood that I remember from books I read in my childhood, but the character undergoes a very deep and somewhat spiritual journey -and then there's even a little bit of romance.

It's novella length. It's a quick read. I go through it in about an hour and a half, many people will probably take half that time. It takes me longer to read my own work because I'm sweating every word. I never get to enjoy it with complete detachment. Yet, in that short amount of time, something happens. When I finish reading that story I feel like I've taken a journey into the belly of the beast (as it were) and I've come out of it changed. I can only hope it will have that effect for others as well.

On to other things:

I'm going to be putting together a newsletter soon. I'm not going to give it out just yet because I will be doing a special promotion to go along with it. When I'm ready, I'll post it here and at the various forums I frequent. But one thing I will NOT do is use my newsletter for anything other than the announcement of new books. Anything more than that would be distasteful and rude.

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