Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Tinkerer's Daughter

went live on Amazon last night and is going up on Smashwords today. The weird thing is that Shadow Born took almost two days to post while Tinkerer was up within a few hours. The fact that neither has a description right now only adds to the mystery of Amazon's process.

The Darkling Wind is also in there somewhere , working it's way through the mysterious digital machinations. I hope it will be live by tomorrow night, and then I'll be done publishing. For a while. Kind of.

Actually, I have another project that I'll be working on through February and then I'll be writing (finally!) for the rest of the year. It hasn't been bad so far. I've published four books in six weeks and I plan to have two more live very soon. I'll write at least two books this year and have them both published by December. To be honest, I'd like to be able to do more but external responsibilities simply make that impossible. I'll get there eventually.

The good news is that Shadow Born has been selling since the night it posted, and that's with zero promotion. The only thing I've done is announce it in a post on a forum I frequent. Which means that right now, it's already lining up to outsell Karma Crossed by the end of the month. If this keeps up, I will be quite pleased. Even if it doesn't, it's nice to have the validation that a few strangers were compelled to pick up my books and read them, and some actually liked them.

If everything goes according to plan, all of my fantasy will be live by this weekend. Then I will link to it, get a bit of promotion done, and move on with my life. I've got books to write!

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