Monday, May 9, 2011

The Summer of Fantasy

Fantasy movies were few and far between when I was young. Most of them never saw the inside of a theater and were limited in scope and budget to the quality of an average after school special. Superhero movies like Superman came along about once a decade. High Fantasy, with magic and swords and alternate worlds, was practically nonexistent.

My how times have changed.

Before LOTR and Harry Potter, Hollywood's annual budget for good fantasy movies was slightly less than my budget for a deli sandwich. Those films I just mentioned changed everything. (Okay, throw in Spider Man too, but you get the point.) After Hollywood learned there was blockbuster potential in fantasy, things changed fast. We were given as many fantasy and superhero movies as we could handle, and then some. They just keep coming. This summer alone we have Thor (which is getting surprisingly good reviews), the next sequel in the X-Men franchise (shouldn't that be X-People? Better get PC, Hollywood, this is the new millennium) and yet a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. There will be a new Transformers film this summer, the final Harry Potter installment, plus Green Lantern, Conan the Barbarian, and The Immortals, which appears to be set in ancient Greece and involve a quest for magical weapons. I'm expecting something between 300 and Clash of the Titans (which was also recently remade.) Planet of the Apes is supposed to be coming this summer as well, and then there's a new Sherlock Holmes flick scheduled for release this December.

The list for next year looks just as big, especially if you're a fan of the The Hobbit or The Dark Knight (or Spider Man). As for me, I'm pretty excited. Another summer with Captain Jack Sparrow is just what any fantasy lover needs. I think it's safe to say these are good times if you're a fantasy fan.

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