Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tinkerer's Daughter Giveaway!

 I'm giving away five paperback copies of The Tinkerer's Daughter on Goodreads (You can find my profile here). I'm new to Goodreads and I'm still not quite sure how everything works, but the contest is scheduled to begin sometime today and proceed through June 5, at which time the Goodreads system will automatically choose five lucky winners. I'll sign the books and send them off, hopefully attracting a few new readers in the process.

I've been told that Goodreads is a great resource for writers. The site is something like a giant reading group, where you can find other readers with similar interests and discuss books you've read. They have millions of members, so the potential is obviously huge.

I still have a hard time getting around the site and I need to spend some time there, but I did notice a few interesting things. As I was researching this contest, I found that there are a few authors 'gaming' the system at Goodreads by putting up contests like this and running them for a solid year. Naturally, there are a lot of readers who join every contest they come across, because who doesn't love a free book? Well, eventually these books accumulate thousands of contestants. Due to this, the Goodreads system puts these books in a special place for 'popular' contests, with the assumption being that if a contest has thousands of entrants, it must be a very popular book. Hmm.

Well, while I suppose this is clever on the part of those authors at a certain level, it does seem to say something about them. In fact, I found a number of comments below these contests complaining about the authors and their manipulations. Ironically, the situation reminds me a lot of the law (which I studied briefly when I was considering law school). Big corporations, politicians, and lawyers make an art of discerning the difference between what's wrong and what's legal. For example, it's wrong to take the hard-earned money of thousands of investors and throw it down the toilet with lousy and risky investment strategies, thereby bankrupting them and devastating the economy. However, it's apparently not illegal.

Back to the subject. I chose a period of about two weeks for my contest. While it might be nice to have a picture of Tinkerer up there for a solid year as an advertisement, I don't see doing it like this. And while I may lose some sales by adhering to the archaic guidelines of ethics and morality, at least I won't be remembered like a Wall Street banker.


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  2. Gabriella, thanks for the heads-up! I think I've got the link fixed. I'm not sure what happened there. Anyway, the contest hasn't gone live yet either but hopefully it will soon. I'll update when I know more.