Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tinker's War!

Ten years have passed since the death of Prince Sheldon and the end of his violent coup, and in that time Breeze has been content to fly her spring-powered planes back and forth across Astatia, shuttling ambassadors and nobles from city to city. Steam technology and springs have evolved since the discovery of the unique qualities of Tinker's Blackrock steel, which can store incredible amounts of energy, but word of this steel has spread far and wide and  the years of peace, prosperity, and political bickering have made the nation weak. 

When a horde of barbarian warriors known as Vangars invade by crossing the Frigid Sea in gigantic black dragon ships fueled by precious but dwindling supplies of black tar-like oil, Astatia is all but defenseless.The mighty Vangar warriors assault the capital cities, slaying the royal families and killing or capturing thousands of citizens in one mighty blow, leaving a cloud of acrid black smoke and the smell of death in their wake. Breeze forms a team of rebels intent on defeating the Vangars, but in the meanwhile Tinker has become the Vangars' most valuable prisoner, and her hopes of rescuing him may be too late.

In the midst of the chaos, Breeze finds herself trapped in the middle of a romantic conspiracy to wed her to a young pilot, but Breeze has no interest in marrying her would-be suitor, nor in the young Tal'mar warrior named Tam who would claim her as his own... or does she? The only thing she knows for certain is that she must rescue Tinker and stop the Vangar from learning his secrets or all else will be lost, and the kingdom of Astatia will fall into ruin and slavery forever.

Tinker's War will be available September 15. If you'd like to read it before then, contact me about an advance review copy at JamieSedgwick@sbcglobal.net

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