Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tinker's War Available Now!!!

Tinker's War is now live on The paperback and e-book aren't linked yet, and for some reason Tinker's War is appearing as a sequel to itself rather than The Tinkerer's Daughter, but that should be fixed in the next day or two. Here are the links:

Tinker's War e-book
Tinker's War paperback
My Amazon Profile Page (all of my books!)

Your support in terms of reviews, tags, referrals and of course purchases is very much appreciated. Thanks to all of you, I've been able to pursue my dream as a career for more than a year now. I can't express how much this has meant to me, and how grateful I am to all of my readers. Thank you!


  1. Is Tinker's War going to be available in Nook format soon? I can read it on my Kindle app on my smartphone if I have to, but I'd rather buy it in Nook format.

  2. Hi Jennifer. Tinker's War is currently trapped in Amazon's Select program, which means I won't be able to sell it anywhere else until December. As of this moment, it's only available on Kindle or paperback (also through Amazon).

    I am considering pulling all -or most- of my titles from Select before the end of the year so that I can make them available everywhere. Comments like yours are definitely pushing me in that direction.

  3. Thanks for your prompt reply! I entered the goodreads contest and will keep my fingers crossed that I win! Otherwise I may have to get the paperback if I can't hold out for the nook edition. Have a great day!

  4. Good luck with the contest, Jennifer. If you don't win, I may still be able to get my hands on a nook version (it's not available yet, but if you email me I'll get you a copy as soon as I can!).