Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blood and Steam (Tinkerer's Daughter Book 3 announcement and cover reveal)

Revisions are drawing to a close. I'm preparing ARCs and I hope to announce another giveaway soon. And so, this is the official announcement:

Blood & Steam will be available next month.

I haven't set an official release date as of this moment, but I will give you something more solid in a couple weeks. For now, meet River Tinkerman:

It has been many years since Breeze vanished in her spring-powered plane over the icy northern Wastes, but her daughter River is more than happy to carry on her legacy. The Vangar overlords have turned Astatia into a slave state, forcing citizens to work in their mines and factories, stealing their resources for their own greedy ends while they live safely high above in the sky-city known as Juntavar. River has never known any life other than the mean streets of Dockside, but street life has made her strong and resourceful. She's the perfect leader, and that's what her ragtag group of rebels needs most.

When the rebels meet to conspire against their overlords, their meeting is interrupted by three sentinels - Vangar warriors whose bodies have been melded with nine-foot-tall suits of armor powered by steam. River has no choice but to lead the Vangars away from the others, thus exposing her and forcing River to go on the run. Thankfully, she's got Tinker's boneshaker to help her get to safety.

But along the way, River runs into some of the last people she had ever expected to meet. She learns that there still might be a way to defeat the Vangars. She also learns that her mother's fate may have been decidedly different than what she was led to believe. Now, River will do anything to learn the truth about her blood-kin. And one way or another, she's determined to destroy the Vangars once and for all.

Oh, and just a note to add: Have a very happy holiday weekend everyone!

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