Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Darkling Wind is blowing this way...

I'm very excited tonight. I've been working nonstop for weeks. I uploaded the first (unedited) version of Karma Crossed on December 16, just about one month ago. After numerous revisions, changes to the blurb and the cover, I finally landed something that satisfied me. In the meanwhile, I've had other projects going on. I have a number of older manucripts that have been gathering dust, waiting for a publisher to discover me. Now that I've discovered myself (so to speak) it's time to dust them off.

Tonight I finished the cover for The Darkling Wind. This is a story I wrote in 2008 about a boy named Ben Larbinger who -with the help of his best friend Sara- must save his hometown from an invasion of creepy monsters. He has to solve the mystery of his grandfather's journal first, which is complicated by the fact that the journal is encrypted and Ben's grandfather has died.

The story is one of my favorites. It's actually about 32,000 words, which makes it a novella, but in young adult the word count isn't nearly as significant as the story. Maybe that's why I love books for younger audiences. The priority lies in creating a cool story and memorable characters rather than sticking to an arbitrary word count or publisher-specified genre.

Like most of my books, The Darkling Wind is another that's genre-challenged. I don't know how to define it. I could try: It's a young-adult fantasy adventure coming-of-age supernatural love story. Did I miss anything? Heck, I don't know. I just know I like the story. I'm also quite happy with the way my cover came out:

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