Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Coming soon to a Kindle near you...

I published "Karma Crossed" a couple weeks ago and I'm happy to say I have made some sales. I'm still working on the promotion part because people need to know my book is out there. If they don't know it's there, then they can't possibly download it, and ultimately I want people to read it.

That's the toughest part about this adventure. I'm a writer, not a salesman. The good news is that the kindle version is working nicely and the others are acceptable as well. I've repriced Karma at $2.99 for most venues. The Kindle price will be going up in a couple weeks after I get the rest of my review copies sent out. The reason for this is simple: I have to pay for the review copies. This also provides an opportunity for people who haven't read my work before, because $0.99 isn't much of a gamble for a 93,000 word novel. By February I expect Karma to be priced solidly at $2.99.

Also by February:

I've decided to put aside my current work in progress so I can further pursue this publishing thing. I have several novels that I'm dusting off. By the end of this month I hope to publish: "Shadow Born," "The Heart of the Dragon," "Darkling Wind," and possibly "The Tinkerer's Daughter." These are all young adult fantasy novels. Darkling Wind is closer to novella length, but serviceable as a mid-grade/young adult publication. Due to its length, I will probably price Darkling at $0.99. Again, this provides an opportunity for new readers to look at my work with very little risk.

This list is subject to change because I have to review and possibly revise some of these works before publication. I also have to prepare covers, and go through the process I described in my previous post. Anyway, here's a little teaser. Hopefully this is the final version of the cover for Shadow Born:

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