Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shadow Born...

went live on Smashwords last night and will hopefully be live on Amazon tonight. It's hard to be sure because Amazon can take several days to go live. The other outlets follow. Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple, Diesel and the rest will have it... eventually. Karma Crossed didn't appear on Barnes and Noble for almost a month, and they still have the unrevised version posted. As amazing as the whole system is, there are obviously still a few kinks to work out.

Shadow Born represents the second book I've published and the first young adult, but it was actually one of my earlier novels. It was the first I tried to sell to a publisher and I received some positive feedback, which obviously went nowhere.

I have two more young adult fantasy novels coming, and it remains my goal to have them published by the end of the month. Sometime in the next few days, this should appear:

The cover art is -as always- tentative, but I'm really liking it at the moment. It might stay. I think the blurb will go something like this:

Breeze is an outcast, a half-breed orphan born into a world torn apart by a thousand years of war. Breeze never knew her elven mother, and when her human father is recalled to the war, he leaves her in the safest place he knows: in the care of a reclusive tinker. The Tinkerman's inventions are frightening at first -noisy, smelly machines with no practical use- but when the war comes home, Breeze sees an opportunity. If she can pull it off, she'll change the world forever. If she fails, she'll be considered a traitor by both lands and will be hunted to her death. 

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