Friday, March 18, 2011

Indie Books Blog interview coming March 20, 2011

My interview (re: The Tinkerer's Daughter) with the Indie Books Blog is scheduled to be featured this Sunday! If you have a chance, check it out. You can download a sample or buy the book from the scrolling ad to the side, or from any of the links below. Links to the rest of my books are also posted above, in the books tab.

As of this weekend, my titles are finally going live at Barnes and Noble as well, so I will be updating the links directly.

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The Tinkerer's Daughter:

Breeze is an outcast, a half-breed orphan born into a world torn apart by one thousand years of war. Breeze never knew her elven mother. When her father -a human soldier- is called back to the war, he leaves Breeze in the safest place he knows: in the care of a reclusive tinker.

The Tinkerman's inventions are frightening at first; noisy, smelly, dangerous machines that have little practical use. But elves mature quickly, and Breeze is no exception. When the war comes home, Breeze sees an opportunity. If she succeeds, she will change the world forever. If she fails, Breeze will be considered a traitor to both countries and she'll be hunted to her death.

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