Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Darkling Wind

Is featured on the Indie Books Blog today, along with a brief interview. If you have time, check it out! You can learn more about Darkling and my other books by checking out the "Books" tab above. You will also find links to purchase my books at your favorite retailer. Paperbacks are also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Here's the blurb for The Darkling Wind: 

Ben always thought his grandfather's bedtime stories about the darklings were make-believe, but now the darklings have invaded his hometown and only Ben can stop them. When a mysterious package arrives containing his grandfather's old journal and a crystal pendant, Ben knows he's found the way to stop the darklings. Unfortunately, the journal is encrypted and Ben is running out of time. With the help of his best friend Sara, Ben must unlock the journal's secrets and find a way to banish the evil darklings before they destroy the town and kill everyone he loves. But does Ben have the strength to face his greatest fears? If he succeeds, he'll have to sacrifice everything just to survive. If he fails, Ben will not only lose everything he loves, he will also become the thing he fears the most.

The Darkling Wind is a novella length (about 150 pages) young adult fantasy novel dealing with themes of loss, death, grief, courage, love, and of course good vs. evil. It's a fairy tale and so much more... give it a shot, I think you may be surprised.

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