Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Tour Next Week!

My first blog tour will begin next Monday, July 18, and proceed possibly into the weekend. I'll be visiting the blogs listed below. There are alternative sites listed as well in case something goes wrong at any of the primary sites. During the tour there will be giveaways, guest posts, reviews, and excerpts. I hope to make an exciting announcement during the tour as well, but I have a few things to get in place first. I'm working hard to make it all happen at once.

I'll try to do daily updates and links, but this list will serve as a general reference.

July 2011 Blog Tour Schedule for The Tinkerer's Daughter:

7/18  Must Read Faster
7/18  Young Readers at Home
7/18  That Bookish Girl
7/19  It's All About Books
7/20  EARphoria
7/20  Reviews By Molly
7/20  Comacalm's Corner
7/22  Lisa's World of Books
7/22  Aobibliosphere
7/23  Just Another Book Addict

Alternate stops:  (only used if regularly scheduled stops fall through for some reason)
7/19  That Bookish Girl
7/17  Young Readers at Home
7/20  Lisa's World of Books
7/20  It's All About Books

I'd like to thank all the bloggers posted here, and the others who've taken time out of their busy lives to help us Indie authors break into the business. Your reviews, guest posts and author spotlights make a huge difference, and that does not go unnoticed.

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  1. hi Jamie! thanks for linking and for the opportunity to have you on my blog! all the best with the tour! c",)