Friday, October 7, 2011

Hank Mossberg, Private Ogre...

Coming this fall:

Mike Hammer meets Grimm’s Fairy Tales in Jamie Sedgwick’s new mystery, “Murder in the Boughs.” Hank Mossberg is a hardboiled San Francisco detective with his feet in two very different worlds. The first is the gritty concrete jungle, where Hank’s unique skills allow him to track down the city’s most notorious criminals, some of whom the police can’t or won’t even believe in. The other is the undercity, the hidden side of San Francisco where elven mobsters rule the underworld, nymphs walk darkened streets, imps are slave traders, and gnomes are elite hackers. 

Hank’s troubles begin when he stumbles onto a briefcase full of the illicit drug known as “pixie dust.” Hank thinks he finally has the evidence to bring down the notorious Kaiser gang, but when the gang’s leader, a high-elven kingpin known as Anthony Kaiser is murdered, it’s Hank’s job to solve the crime. Then Hank gets an urgent call from a desperate mother whose daughter has been kidnapped. But the kidnapper is no ordinary criminal, and even Hank’s unique skills might not be enough to bring the girl home.

 Murder in the Boughs will be available soon. Also coming this year, Shadow Born, part two: Shadow Rising.

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