Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shadow Rising available NOW!

Shadow Rising, book two of the Shadow Born Trilogy will be available February 14 is available NOW!


Teenage assassin Gabriel Frost is back, and this time he’s going to find out the truth about his mysterious past. It’s been one year since the events of Shadow Born and Gabriel has settled into his new life at Winschfield Manor as a field agent for the Top Secret organization known as D.A.S.  Gabriel is on his first solo mission when something goes horribly wrong and the shadowfriends escape not only with hostages, but also with a rare and unusual relic -an ancient gemstone statue.
Gabriel soon learns that the shadowfriends are collecting the statues because the artifacts have immense power, power that could change the world forever. But before D.A.S. can act, the Shadow attacks. Reeves and Julia are gone and the children are taken captive by a secret government agency. To make matters worse, Gabriel’s powers are growing rapidly and he can’t seem to control them. Just when his friends need him most, Gabriel may not be able to save anyone - not even himself.