Wednesday, April 10, 2013

David Farland Fundraiser

Okay, I'm running on overdrive this week. I hadn't planned on posting anything but this is important enough that I wanted to get it out there, just in case anyone wanted to help out. I've mentioned NYT Bestselling fantasy author David Farland on this blog before. A few days ago, David's son experienced an accident that left him critically wounded and in a coma, and without insurance. You can read the full details on his blog here, and on the Help Ben Wolverton website here.

In order to help, you can either purchase one of the books listed or make a donation. Also, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to send some positive thoughts and prayers in their direction. Anyone who reads Farland's daily "kick in the pants" newsletter knows that he's been extremely generous with his knowledge and insight. If you can spare it, please help by sending a few dollars his way.

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