Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Clockwork Promo this week!

As promised, I'm continuing my summer promotions with a price cut this week on "The Clockwork God." Clockwork is a follow-up to the Tinkerer's Daughter series, taking up the story of River, Kale, and the steam powered gorilla Socrates. They head out into the great unknown aboard their massive locomotive, The Great Iron Horse in search of the rare element known as starfall, which powers not only their steam machines and cities, but also Socrates himself. Without a reliable supply of starfall, Socrates will die and all civilization may collapse.

Clockwork is featured on Digital Book Today this week, and will be featured on eBookSoda this Wednesday (tomorrow, as of this writing), which happens to a be a fantastic resource for ebook lovers in search of cheap and free fiction! 

I'm also sponsoring a brief giveaway for paperbacks on Goodreads, linked in the graphic at the top of this page. 

The normal price for Clockwork is $2.99 US, but this week only it's on sale at $0.99, only available at Amazon.