Monday, July 7, 2014

Shadow Born Promo This Week!

I'm running a promotion on Shadow Born this week. Click the banner above to enter a Goodreads contest (paperback), or download it free directly from Amazon! If you already have it, by all means share the link with a friend.

For those unfamiliar with Shadow Born, it's the story of a young teen (Gabriel Frost) who was trained to be an assassin. Unfortunately, Gabriel has lost his memory and can't recall who or what he is. While searching for clues to his past, Gabriel becomes embroiled in a sinister plot by creatures called Shadowlords who want to take over the world. At the same time, Gabriel is caught up in numerous government cover-ups and recruited by a top-secret organization known as D.A.S., whose sole purpose is to defeat the Shadowlords.


  1. Thanks. Great opportunity to introduce friends to your writing & update my copy.

  2. Absolutely, Jake. New cover and everything! Tell your friends I'll be doing more promos on this series over the next few weeks. :)