Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coming Soon!

Allow me to introduce Sam Snyvvle, Goblin P.I.:


Sedgwick’s one of a kind pulp-noir fantasy series continues, and this time Hank Mossberg is taking a backseat. Prepare to be treated to an entirely different perspective on life in the gritty fantasy setting of San Francisco’s undercity:

Goblin P.I. Sam Snyvvle may be crude, cynical, and vulgar, but one thing he’s not is stupid. When a gorgeous dryad offers Sam a king’s ransom to retrieve her stolen diamond, he knows the whole thing smells like a setup. Unfortunately, there are two things in the world that Sam can never pass up: a gorgeous dame and a truckload of money. Besides, if things don’t work out with the girl, Sam knows he can always pilfer the diamond for himself.

Snyvvle sets out to find the missing gem, but immediately ends up in hot water. He’s trapped in a room with an empty safe and a dead mob boss, and the police are banging down the door. Sam knows he looks guilty as sin, so like any sensible goblin, he goes on the run.

Now, Sam is in a race against time to locate the missing diamond and catch the crooks who set him up. Fortunately, Sam knows the dark, seedy streets of the undercity like the back of his hand. He swears that when he finds the people who framed him, they’re going to regret it. That is, if the cops, the mob, and his arch-nemesis Hank Mossberg don’t catch him first!

Warning!: Goblins are dangerous, sly creatures who often behave badly. They swear with great proficiency, they enjoy making crude sexual references, and constantly make bad jokes. If this sort of thing offends you, DO NOT hang out with goblins. Also, don’t read books about them. Like this one.


I think Sam Snyvvle is going to be a very exciting addition to the series. But that’s not the only announcement I have today. I have been discussing giveaways and promotion ideas with my wife, and we’ve come up with a great way to thank all of my regular readers.

First, there will be no more ARCs. I’ve decided, after spending a lot of time and money sending out ARCs over the last two years, that most readers simply don’t get it. I’m not talking about my regular readers of course; I’m talking about the thousands of anonymous people out there who join these contests, win a book from an author they’ve never heard of, and then write a review saying something like: It was a great book, but I found lots of typos… Yeah, that’s kind of the point. ARCs are unedited, and it says so in the description, in the giveaway, and inside the book cover! Ah, well.

So no more ARCs, but I will be doing a Goodreads paperback giveaway, which I will link in my blog. I will also be doing something special for those of you who follow my newsletter and blog. Normally, I launch new titles anywhere from $2,99 to $4.99, and gradually lower the price as I add more books to the series. 

This time, for a limited time only, I will be selling Hank Mossberg Book 4 at only $0.99. You can PRE-ORDER!

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This means that if you preorder, you will get the sale price. Soon after it goes live, the price will go up. If you have friends who might be interested in the series, this will be a good opportunity for them to take the leap. Right now, Book #1 is running perma-free on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, etc. Book two is available for free with a newsletter sign up (don’t worry, you can always sign up under a different email address if you need to) and book three is only $2.99. That’s the entire series for less than $4!

I also have a few other ideas about doing random drawings for paperbacks and e-books, and possibly giving away another Kindle, but my wife and I are undecided on the best way to go about this. Fear not, when we figure out it, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meanwhile, although I don’t have publication dates ready yet, I do have more books coming this winter. In addition to A Fool There Was, I will also release Book Two of my Iron Horse series, and I will be publishing two mystery/thriller titles. I doubt all of these books will all be ready before the end of the year, but I do intend to publish all four sometime this winter, so stay tuned!

As always, thank you for your support, your reviews, and for sharing word of my books with your friends!

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