Monday, February 9, 2015

Now Available: He said, She said "Murder"

He said, She said "Murder" is the first book in a new mystery/detective series, and the first of several books I'm publishing in the upcoming weeks. I'm not pushing any big promos this time around, but I'm launching at a very affordable $0.99 and I'll be running at least one Goodreads giveaway (Edit: Link above).

This book is now LIVE at Amazon. Over the next few days, it will go live at Apple, Kobo, etc.
The paperback version should also be available by Wednesday.



The battle against crime meets the battle of the sexes. In their own words, Joe and Tanja Shepherd take turns dishing out the dirt on their investigations, their marriage, their business and financial problems. They may not agree on everything, but this couple knows how to get the job done when it counts.

Before their marriage, Tanja worked for the F.B.I. and Joe was an undercover cop. When they met, they fell head over heels… literally, in Joe’s case. In a struggle with a criminal, Joe fell off the roof of a building and broke his hip. That fateful day changed the course of their entire lives. Now they’re married, living in northern California’s beautiful Sequoia County, and expecting their first baby.

When Joe’s old friend Sheriff Diekmann offers to throw some business their way, they eagerly accept. The Autumn’s Hope Detective Agency is born. The couple’s first case involves the five-year-old murder of a high school senior named Becky Sweet. Becky’s killer struck from behind, knocked her out cold, and left her to drown in a vat of cream at a dairy outside of town.

Now, it’s up to Tanja and Joe to bring the killer to justice. It won’t be easy. The trail is cold, they have no evidence, and the only suspect was released years ago. But they have to solve the murder before they get paid, and if they don’t come up with some cash fast, they’re going to lose their home just in time for their baby’s arrival.