Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Update 2016

It's hard to believe we're into spring already . It's still raining here in NorCal, but that's not unusual. I've seen winter rains start in October and continue through June the following year. Ironically, we're often able to canoe down the streets while politicians are waving their arms in the air and screaming, "Drought, drought!" 

Yeah, the sky is falling:
But this is NorCal. Millions of people live at the other end of this massive state, in a terrain commonly known as desert. For some reason, they never seem to have enough water, no matter how much we send their way. 

So this is the state of the writing:

I'm writing two books right now, one of which is the next Hank Mossberg title (Book 5, currently untitled). As I've said before, I'm expecting the next Hank Mossberg to end on a cliffhanger, so I want the proceeding book written, if not ready to publish, before I make book five available. I don't want to wait any more than a couple months between publishing the two because, well, I wouldn't want a writer to do that to me, so I don't want to do it to you.

I'm also working on the next Iron Horse book, and I hope to have this and Hank #5 finished by summer. I don't usually do releases during the summer, so if I do this time, it probably won't be until late summer.

I've also written two sequels in the He Said, She Said mystery series. One is finished -in rough draft form- the other is sitting at 35-40k words, so a little over half done. I hope to have all the above-mentioned published by the end of the year. If it all works out, that will be one more steampunk title, two more mysteries, and two more Hank Mossberg titles.

Can he do it? I don't know, we'll just have to wait and find out. But I will update again soon, to let you know my progress. I may also put out a newsletter and schedule a few promos. I'd like to give away a Kindle again, or do something big like that, but I haven't figured out what exactly I want to do yet. Of course, it also depends on how much time and expendable income I have, so no promises.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon!