Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Release! He said, She said Book TWO available now!

If you didn't get my newsletter, you may be missing out! Last weekend, I published a new title, and it's on sale now at a special introductory price for all my regular readers. Allow me to introduce book two of the He said, She said mystery series:


Murder on the Lost Coast: 

When Joe and Tanja Shepherd set sail on their newly renovated sailboat, they are expecting a relaxing vacation on northern California’s remote Lost Coast. Little do they know that a tropical storm is headed their way, and that a killer is making alternative plans for their weekend.
After a harrowing boat ride through the storm, they reach the Lost Coast Inn and Joe promptly has a run-in with a local fisherman named Jacob that almost turns violent. When it’s all over, they’re exhausted, cold, and soaked to the bone. Thankfully, the inn is just as beautiful, luxurious, and welcoming as they had hoped it would be.
It seems the worst is over, until they learn that the owner has sold the resort and is about to lay off the entire staff. Tensions are rising as the storm hits, and it hits with a vengeance. The phone lines are down, the cell phones aren’t working, and Jacob -the old fisherman who also happens to run the lighthouse- has gone missing. The next morning, the local sheriff makes an emergency helicopter trip out between storms. After a brief search, he is dismayed to find Jacob dead. Worse yet, after Joe’s earlier altercation with the man, it looks like the detective might be the sheriff’s only suspect.
The sheriff warns the Shepherds in no uncertain terms that they are to remain at the inn until the autopsy is complete, and that they are not to even consider investigating Jacob’s death. Naturally, they do just the opposite. After all, Tanja isn’t about to let Joe be arrested for murder. Unfortunately, proving his innocence won’t be as easy as it sounds.
As you can tell from the description, Lost Coast takes my detective couple even deeper into the world of cozy mysteries, while retaining that sense of action and adventure that used to define the early pulp mystery novels. This is the direction I’ve always planned for the series, but it’s tricky to introduce a new set of characters and a new premise. The first novel had to be something of a set-up for the other books, and this new novel keeps the ball rolling. I think it worked pretty well, but we’ll see what you guys think. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback, and of course, I always appreciate your reviews!
Murder on the Lost Coast is available now at Amazon for an introductory price of only $0.99. This price will go up, but I want to give my subscribers the chance to grab it at a discount. After all, what’s better than having it first? Having it first and at a fraction of the price!
Last but not least, for the Valkyrie fans: I’m sorry, but she’s running late. I really hoped to have Book Two published this winter, but it’s taking a little longer than expected (like everything else this year). Don’t give up on me! I’m working on the book, and I will post updates on my blog. I’m in the process of wrapping up another fantasy series right now, so that should free up a little more Valkyrie time in 2017. Maybe I’ll even manage to get book three published next year… And yes, my next steampunk novel will be out momentarily... almost, anyway.
That’s it for this time. Thanks for your patience and for your kindness in reading, reviewing, and passing on word of my books. I feel very blessed to be able to do this for a living, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all my readers who make it possible. Thank you, and have a great Christmas and holiday season!

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