Sunday, June 4, 2017

A little Hank Promo...

It's almost officially summer! That means it's time to get your Kindles loaded up with some great beach reads. Maybe I can help you out with that...

Here in NorCal, the kids are out of school and we're starting to plan some camping and boating trips. I'm going to take the first week of summer break to work on my son's '66 Impala with him, prepping it for a new paint job (check the Projects tab at the top of this blog for more info on this car and my other projects). Hopefully, we'll shoot the new paint sometime in the next ten days and then he'll be off looking for a new job and saving up for college. Since I won't be writing during this time, it seemed like a good time to plan some summer promo stuff. I decided to start with Hank Mossberg.

As most of you already know, Murder in the Boughs is running perma-free at Amazon. You can pick it up for FREE on your Kindle any day. Death in the Hallows is available as a FREE download if you sign up for my newsletter, but for this week (through Thursday, June 8) it will also be FREE at Amazon! And last but not least, I've lowered the price of book 3, The Killer in the Shadow to only $0.99US.

You can get the first three books in this six-book series for less than a buck! If you don't have the series yet, it's time to check it out. If you have friends who might be interested, let them know, too. The prices will go back to normal after a few days, so don't procrastinate. It's time to get your Kindle loaded!

Keep following this blog for more news about promos and upcoming books, and in the meanwhile, have a great summer!