Friday, March 1, 2019

New Release: Valkyrie 3! Plus, newsletter news, and a freebie!

Book three of the Valkyrie Smith series is here! But first, an important announcement regarding the newsletter:

Until now, I have been using one newsletter for all of my genres. I have come to realize that this isn't ideal, and it's better to let my readers choose what books they want updates on. To that end, I will now have one newsletter for mystery (Gates) and another for fantasy/sci-fi (Sedgwick). If you prefer one and hate the other, you no longer need to be bothered with news that isn't relevant to your interests. On the other hand, if you really like my writing and you want to read it all, you can maintain your subscription to both. I'll provide links and more details when the newsletter goes out this weekend.

Now, at last, here's the info on V3:

Available now at Amazon!

The tables have turned. The Informant is dead; the Collector is on the run. Valkyrie knows the killer’s real name now. She’s about to learn his past. The only thing coming between Val and her long-sought revenge is the final missing piece of the puzzle: Why her? What connects the killer to her family? 

If Val can unravel the plot in time, she might find the answers to all her questions and save dozens of lives. But if her plan succeeds, and she finally meets the Collector face to face, one chilling fact remains. In the killer's own words: “Somebody’s gotta die.” 


In case you're wondering, this book resolves the story arc between Val and the Collector. Out of necessity, it's a bit of a departure from the first two. Don't worry, the thrills, the mystery, and the tension are all there. But you might get to know Val a little better this time around, and I guarantee you'll be surprised to learn the origins of the Collector. DEAD END is now live on Amazon, in both digital and paper formats. As a gift to my readers, the ebook will be discounted to $0.99US for the first few days. Grab it fast, because the price will go up!

ALSO, book one of the He said, She said series is FREE this weekend.  Click the link. Grab a copy. Let a friend know! Enjoy.

Lastly, I'm working on book three of HS/SS right now. The first draft is done and I'll be doing revisions over the next month or two. After some rest time, some editing... It looks like book 3 will be out this spring. I currently have no fantasy or sci-fi in the works, because I've been focused on Valkyrie and the Shepherd detectives, and at the same time I have been working on the addition to my house, which should be done this summer. That means it will be a while before I have another fantasy novel ready to go. Until then, check this space for updates, promos and freebies. Have a great March!

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