Monday, October 21, 2019

New Release!

Book 4 of the He said, She said series is Available Now! For those who didn't catch the reveal, here's the cover and synopsis. Links are below:

While driving on an isolated stretch of road late at night, Tanja passes a horrifying accident. She hurries back to the scene only to find that the vehicle involved and the pedestrian have both vanished. After a thorough investigation, even the police can find no evidence of a hit and run. However, Sheriff Diekmann seems to recall a similar incident in one of his old cases…

Things get even creepier when Tanja realizes that the man she saw run down that night is the same man who went missing years ago. His body was never found. Suddenly, the Shepherds aren’t sure whether they’re investigating a hit and run or chasing down a ghost.

 This title is premiering at only $0.99US. Grab a copy, tell a friend. Here are the links:

Also, I owe some readers an apology. Book one of this series has been set to FREE -but not in all stores. It seems there are some issues over at KDP. They've been working on this problem for a few weeks now, and so far, still no solution. Once it's figured out, I'll post the updated links for ya. Until then, have a great autumn and enjoy!

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