Frequently asked questions: 

Who is Jordan Marshall, and why is his name on Erased?

Jordan Marshall is the pseudonym I originally used for writing crime fiction. The name was something of an experiment. I chose a name that was both androgynous and racially ambivalent because I didn't want readers to develop any sort of preconceived notions about me before reading the books. I wanted my writing to speak for itself. I knew that some people would presume I was a woman (I am not) and that some would presume I was one race or another (I'm actually white with a Native American and English/Norman background) but I thought it might actually help people decide to pick up my books. However, I soon realized that I didn't like the name much, and I didn't feel it helped one way or another in regards to sales. Also, another author began publishing gay erotica under the same name. By then, I was ready to move on. I now write crime fiction only under Jeramy Gates, but rather than republish every edition of Erased, I chose to simplify the process by updating the credits to include both names. At some point in the future, I will probably remove Jordan Marshall permanently.

What made you decide to use pseudonyms in the first place? 

I'm a diverse writer. I've published books and stories in numerous genres: sci-fi, steampunk, fantasy, adventure, mystery, thriller, and so on. I do this because it keeps writing fun and interesting, and it also allows me to capitalize on the popularity of very different markets all at the same time. Although this has many benefits for me personally, it can be difficult for my readers. The truth is, most people who read my crime fiction are not going to be interested in my fantasy novels, and vice versa. Rather than having those readers spend money on a book they won't like, I keep the genres separate by using pen-names. At the same time, I usually put a bio or links to my other genre titles at the back of my books so those readers who are interested in crossing into separate genres can easily find the rest of my work. 

When will your next book in my favorite series come out?

I try to write at least one installation in every series per year. Currently, my output averages about four novels per year, which I usually publish throughout the fall and winter. The best way to stay apprised of my upcoming work is to subscribe to my newsletter (see the free book link at the top of the page) and follow this blog. You can even have my latest posts emailed directly to you, using the form on the front page.


  1. Can you give us a reading order for your book?

  2. Anon, my apologies for the delayed response. I have been out of town. If you're talking about my steampunk novels, "The Tinkerer's Daughter" trilogy comes first, starting with the book by that title.

    The "Iron Horse" series follows, and does not require a reading of the first trilogy, but it may help you understand some of the background.

    The "Hank Mossberg" detective books are all numbered (starting with Murder in the Boughs), and so are the "Shadow Born" books. "Karma Crossed" and "Darkling Wind" are standalone novels.