Classic Cars, Canoes, Aquaponics, & More!

Being a creatively driven and somewhat ADD type personality, I have many interests and hobbies. Occasionally, I like to document some of these projects here on the blog, so readers can gain a little insight into my personality and life, and maybe even find a new interest of their own.

Below, you'll find links to past articles about building canoes, restoring classic cars, building aquaponics systems, and more:


Plywood canoes: In the summer of 2013, I embarked on a short but fascinating new challenge. I wanted to build two plywood canoes, and do it in two weeks, so my family could enjoy them all summer. You can read about that project here: Plywood Canoes

Wood Strip Canoe: During the winter and spring of 2014, I tackled my first wood strip canoe project. This is a far more ambitious and challenging undertaking than the previously mentioned plywood canoes. It involves building a boat from hundreds of thin wood strips, and then encasing them in fiberglass and resin. The project took from November until the end of May.


Jeep Wrangler: (Post coming Soon!) My first major vehicle project was a 1988 Jeep YJ. I took a well-maintained but factory stock Wrangler and modified it into a trail Jeep by upgrading the axles, suspension, driveline, rollcage, and so on. 

1973 Dodge Charger:  (similar to the "Burn Notice" Charger as seen on TV) My first muscle car! I got a deal on this project car. It had body damage and modifications that required extensive repairs. Rather than returning the vehicle to factory stock, I chose to make several changes to improve the appearance and performance: Write-up here.

1966 Chevy Impala: (similar to the "Supernatural" Impala) After selling the Charger, I came across a major fixer-upper that I just couldn't pass by. My oldest son was about a year and a half away from getting his driver's license, so I decided this would make a good a project for the two of us. For him, it was a learning experience about hard work and the rewards that can result from it. For me, it was just fun:  Link Here


A few years back, I learned about this fascinating aquaculture system called "Aquaponics." It's a closed-loop system, where fish are raised for food and their water is cycled into grow-tanks for plants. The plants and grow beds filter the water, keeping it clean and fresh for the fish, and both ends of the system produce fast-growing, tasty, organic food! 

Link Here
2013 Update


I've made a few miscellaneous remarks about my wine-making hobby and my backyard hobby vineyard in the past, but I don't have the time to link to each and every post. Instead, I plan to do an extensive article on the subject soon, where I will detail the basics of making wine, as well as some of my own experiences. 

Projects 2016: Aquaponics koi fountain and my new boat!

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